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Public Relations

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Who We Work With

Services Offered


Professional Videos

At Hollie Beaver Marketing, Media, and Public Relations, we help you create exciting, engaging, professional videos that accurately represent your brand and communicate your unique story to your clients, your community, and your customers. Services include video ideas and strategies, script writing, production, post-production editing, and video asset management.
Social Media Content

Brand Reputation

Social media is critical for both small and large businesses today. We help you conceptualize and manage fun, informative, and engaging content that gets the viewers to actually stop scrolling and pay attention. With regularly scheduled content consisting of images, graphics, and video, we help you use social media platforms to convey your message to your community.
Graphic Design

Visual Communication

Graphic Design is one of the many tools we use to help communicate your story with your desired audience. A beautifully designed graphic can help convey your brand’s identity without using a single word. Here at Hollie Beaver Marketing, Media, and Public Relations we believe in clean, elevated images that convey what it is that makes you you.
Content Creation

Strategic Writing

Your words tell your story, its important to make sure they are right. Websites, digital ads, social media, newsletters and more… they all rely on good, clean, concise copy. With more than 13 years of professional writing experience we know what words to use to convey your message to your specific audience.

Digital Advertising

Brand Promotion

Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, boosted ads on social media, the digital landscape is vast. At Hollie Beaver Marketing, Media, and Public Relations we work with you to develop strategies that fit your specific needs so that you can communicate your brand message, unique story, and more to your community and beyond.
Talent and Voice-overs

Quality Recording

With more than 13 years as an on-air reporter and anchor Hollie Beaver has the knowledge and talent to communicate with audiences both on and off camera. We provide talent services for television commercials, radio spots, social media videos, voiceovers and more.

Rachel Wesson Owner, Envy Boutique

Hollie takes the time to understand your needs and then plots out a plan to execute them in a timely manner for the benefit of her customer. One of Hollie's strongest skills is communication which I appreciate as a business owner!

Kate Messervy Dir. of Regional Affairs, Business Council of AL

Hollie is an experienced professional who cares deeply for her clients. Her attention to detail is unmatched. 10/10 highly recommend!

Kiley Salmon Conditioned Air Solutions

The best thing about Hollie is that she makes my life easy! She is very responsible and helpful. Hollie has shot video for me, acted on camera, coached my on-camera talent, written scripts, recorded audio and given visual direction when needed and so much more.